This site houses video scripts and their accompanying notes. I write them in Sublime Text using the MarkdownEditing package and a footnote plugin that I wrote myself. They are converted to HTML automatically. The notes pages are largely unreadable because the conversion process doesn't handle lists very well, but I put them here anyway if you're curious about my thought process.

Older scripts may be ugly.

Platforms and Monetization May 23, 2023
Internet Archive Script Apr 4, 2023
Rain World: Downpour Script Mar 24, 2023
Rain World: Downpour Notes Mar 24, 2023
Pay to Win E2 script Dec 19, 2022
Pay to Win E1 script Aug 13, 2022
Teleglitch script Jun 17, 2022
Teleglitch notes Jun 17, 2022
Hotline Miami 2 script May 13, 2022
Hotline Miami 2 notes May 13, 2022
Crypto Games script Nov 17, 2021
Crypto Games notes Nov 17, 2021
Cruelty Squad script Aug 15, 2021
Tetris script Feb 21, 2021
Rain World script Jun 6, 2020
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