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Nov. 17, 2021


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Video Games

EA calls NFT and blockchain games 'the future of our industry' (PCGamer)

Epic loves blockchain games

Videos (see the playlist)

AXIE INFINITY - How to earn money FAST 0:15ish: "It's basically Pokemon on the blockchain"

Is Axie Infinity Still Worth Starting? 1:50ish: Axie Infinity is a ponzi scheme 3:00ish: I am not a gamer, I don't play it.

Ben Shapiro Educates a Student on Climate Change 2:40: sell their homes and move


History of NFTs (some Medium post)

Racoon Rug-Pull (NFT links lol)

But how does bitcoin actually work? (3blue1brown on YT)

Written Testimoney of Arvind Narayanan, Blockchain & Energy

Why is NFT Art so Ugly?

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans

51% Attacks

Bitcoin is Key to an Abundant, Clean Energy Future

Why NFTs are bad: the long version

1 BTC transaction vs 100,000 VISA transactions

The Staggering Environmental Cost of Blockchain This is propaganda for XRP.

GOOD ARTICLE about crypto and environment

Carbon Offsets, WIRED

An NFT event report from the Verge

Adam Curtis Interview ("Do you really want change" 1:30)

NFTs from gamedev perspective

Axie Land Evidence

Axie Market Commission Proof




The Sandbox

Splinterlands (Autochess?)

Ethermon (Pokees)

Gods Unchained (Hearthstone)



The Six Dragons

Thetan Arena

Floki (not-a-game)


NFTs fully embody the idea of artificial scarcity. NFT drops are rarity generators.

A driving ideology with "tech" people: what is new is good.

This idea is not a good game model. It’s a sign the game isn’t fun. If you feel a game
should be paying you for your time… you should quit playing the game, because it’s
clear the experience is not worth the admission to you.

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